What is intervision?

Intervision is a form of expertise development in which professionals call on their colleagues, fellow professionals or peers to help them gain insight into the problems they have at work.

Intervision makes you aware of your individual style and personal views of your work. These play a crucial role in the way you handle your job and thus also affect your organization. The aim of intervision is to help you work more effectively.

How does intervision works?

A group of five to eight participants unravels a problem submitted by one participant, the case provider, by asking questions in one or another intervision method. The participants try not to come up with solutions, but by asking questions, encourage the case provider to think up their own answers. The questions should help the case provider develop new ways of thinking, gain insight into their own case and through these insights, develop new and alternative ways of behaving. Following the selected intervision method, the facilitator guides the discussion of the case.

figure 6

Phases in the intervision process